Dignitas one of the prominent NA orgs which entered the Valorant hype with their female CS:GO Roster.

But it didn’t turn out to be a genius move as they signed the Homeless roster core except Laski at the end of August.

The final member was announced as Shanks, who joined as a trial player as Dignitas were trying to find their final piece.

He played with DIG for a number of tournaments and was expected to be signed by the org.

He had great showings at Pittsburgh Gauntlet Qualifier and Pop Flash Invitational where he averaged an ACS of 257 and K/D of 1.05.

However the org decided to not go forward with the player and ended his trial with the team.

The most shocking update was when Poised, Shanks real life brother was let go off the team after mutual consent.

After the release of Valorant , Poised has averaged 184 ACS over 744 rounds in different tournaments.

The player break break started when the last ignition series ended.

Notable teams have decided to make roster changes in order to get the right match.

With teams like 100 Thieves, T1 and AndBox yet to complete their roster.

It  could be the possible destination for shanks and Poised.

Dignitas Roster:

Harrison “psalm” Chang
Phat “supamen” Le
Rory “dephh” Jackson




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