Otis and the Money in the Bank storyline conclusion revealed. The Heavy Machinery member won the coveted briefcase this year.

The money in the bank is the WWE’s method of fast tracking a wrestler to superstardom. Many have benefited from it in the past. Edge, Seth Rollins and even Daniel Bryan won their first world championship’s in the WWE with the help of the briefcase.

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Winning the Money in the Bank briefcase almost guaranteed a World title run. Recently however, very have successfully cashed in their contract. Baron Corbin lost his shot in 2017, while Braum Strowman fought to a no contest against Roman Reigns in 2018.

Brock Lesnar was the surprise winner last year and successfully cashed in but he was already a made star. The WWE have gone back to pushing new stars with the briefcase this year. However, it appears that the WWE will not pull the trigger once again.

Otis and the Money in the Bank storyline conclusion revealed

So The Miz and [John] Morrison are doing the ‘Dirtsheet’ and Otis comes out and beats them both up,” Dave Meltzer told Bryan Alvarez on WOR. “And they’re trying to rile up Otis by saying ‘Mandy Rose is on RAW and all those RAW guys are going to be after her and she’s going to drop Otis And Dolph is on RAW, and they used to date’ and so Otis comes out and beats the s**t out of both of them And Morrison is just looking at Miz, who’s like “Yeah he fell into our plan!”, and Morrison obviously didn’t know what the plan was. But the plan is that between the first segment and the fifth segment, The Miz had a lawyer draft a lawsuit for unsafe working conditions, which is the old Shawn Michaels gimmick. They’re suing Otis but they’ll drop the lawsuit if he gives up the briefcase. Either they’re going to sue or the deal here is “We got no idea how to get the briefcase off Otis, so this is how we’re going to get it off him. And that’s what it is’.

Ringside News on the other side, are reporting that the WWE are currently in a holding pattern with and the money in the bank. There are currently “multiple endings” and one does include Miz taking the Money In The Bank briefcase from Otis. There are “others where Otis keeps the briefcase. The company’s draft plans will play a final role in their decision.

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