FIFA 21 Demo News EA sports has already released a list of the ratings for the players in the latest edition of FIFA.

The latest version of the annual FIFA franchise will be releasing early in October. In the run up to its release, the developers have been dropping tiny treats regarding players, Overall Ratings & new celebrations. However, the most important question is, when will the demo version of the game be available for players.

Usually, the demo version is dropped 2 weeks before the full version of the game releases. EA sports have been ridiculously quiet about the Demo. There is no news about what modes will be playable & which teams you can can access in Demo version. Fans will also be hoping that they will be get a taste of the FIFA Icons in the Demo Version.

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When will FIFA 21 Demo Version be released?

Fans can expect the Demo version of FIFA 21 to be out between September 21 & 25, which follows the usual pattern of 2 week prior to the game’s release. However, sources say that could drop as soon at 5 PM BST on 21st September.

The demo version of the game is expected to be between 6-8 GB.

You can download the Demo version of FIFA 21 on Steam, Origin, Xbox Store and PlayStation Store.


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