Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars: Check out our perfectly curated list of the best brawlers to start with to win matches easily early on.

Brawl Stars can be a pretty confusing game to start with. It can also get quite irritating for players especially when they keep getting nuked by a big-time brawler they do not have. So, here is our guide to the Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars to start with. They will make your journey very easy and relaxed early on.

Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars: The Trophy Road Brawlers.

Before we suggest which brawlers you should use, we have divided them into 2 groups – certain and uncertain brawlers.

Those whom you get on the trophy road are the certain ones. That’s because these are fixed for all and so can be suggested to everyone. On the trophy road, after starting off with Shelly at 0, you get Nita at 10, Colt at 60 and Bull at 250 trophies. Later on, you also Jessie at 500 and Brock at 1000 trophies as well.

Of these, stick to Nita or Shelley only until you don’t have Colt. Colt’s revolvers are lethal so you should try to use him the moment you have him. Though his health is low, his shots are very powerful. So, even 2 nice connections can kill off an enemy. Use auto-aim to kill opponents with Colt early on. However, we’d suggest you switch to Jessie as soon as you get her. That’s because her super, which is a cannon, can be a big bonus to start with and get you out of tough situations. Also, her shots are lethal too.

Avoid using Brock and Bull if you can. Both of them are good but have limitations. For eg., Bull is very good with offence and defence but beginners fail to use his super effectively. Brock’s rockets are powerful too but they have a very small AoE and are easy to miss.

The Uncertain Rewards.

These are brawlers all of you may not get at the same time. They differ from person to person and you will get them from gift boxes and season rewards.

However, most of you should get El Primo pretty quickly. In case you do, try him out asap. He can be the easiest to start with. El Primo has the most hit points of any brawler in the game and his punches are very powerful. So, early on, all you really need to do is run up to enemies and pound them. Most of the time, your extra health will help you win.

In case you don’t get Primo, his best alternative is Rosa. She is like a female El Primo. She’s a little weaker on hitpoints but her punch reach is longer and blows are stronger. All in all, she is a great choice to smash and grab early on.

Finally, our last pick is Barley. This Robot Buttler is one of the best attackers in the game. His splash radius is so big and his range is so long that any new player will have a hard time facing him. All you need to do is hide behind a wall, throw bottles of acid at your opponents and watch them die.

Most of you will have at least one of these within a few hours of playing the game. So, don’t worry about the others and use whichever of the 3 you get.


Now, we must also mention that these suggestions are mainly made keeping beginners in mind. It is a nice way for them to get into the game and have fun.

However, after a certain trophy count, say 150-250, for each brawler, the simple tactics listed above will prove more and more ineffective. Players from here on out will know what they’re doing. So, once that happens, we suggest you stick to a brawler that suits you and look to improve as much as you can.

To help you through it, we have a more detailed, less casual guide here at How to play Brawl Stars? A quick guide for beginners.


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