Right-hander Bartolo Colon won 247 games and a Cy Young award in his 21-year career as a pitcher in Major League Baseball. Thanks to his long career and a build that suggested he was anything but a professional athlete, Colon developed a cult following. 

Colon became a baseball cultural icon in 2016, when, as a member of the Mets, he hit his first career home run at the expense of James Shields: 

With that unlikely blast the legend of Bartolo Colon, Cloutsman was forged. 

Colon’s current state of retirement doesn’t seem to be a voluntary one, as earlier this year he professed a desire to continue pitching in the majors, preferably with the Mets. That didn’t come to pass, and at age 47 he’s not likely to realize that aspiration in 2021 or beyond. 

The powers that be, however, cannot stop Colon from participating in what appears to be a recreation-league softball situation. And the pitchers of said rec-league situation appear to be unable to stop Colon from dropping bombs. Witness this color television footage posted to Colon’s Instagram account roughly a week ago: 

And now witness this more recent display of might at the plate: 

Elite-level pitching? Of course not — Red Sox-level pitching at best. But those are still two balls hit over sanctioned, league-compliant fencing by Bartolo Colon. So they count and everything. 


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