Nick Wright was the only talking head who predicted a Nuggets victory in the second round. He was vindicated by his team and wasted no time ridiculing Doc Rivers for it.

The Denver Nuggets’ comeback victory from 3-1 down in the Conference Semifinals brought NBA Twitter to its knees. There was pandemonium everywhere in NBA circles yesterday. CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard had a field day trolling their hated rivals. Lakers nation was over the top with glee about not having to face a matchup nightmare in the Conference Finals.

Nick Wright ridicules Doc Rivers for blowing 3-1 leads thrice in his career

Among the biggest LeBron stans in sports media, Nick Wright famously proclaimed LeBron James as the GOAT nearly 3 years ago. He never wastes an opportunity to put down LeBron’s rivals. His prediction about the Nuggets beating the Clippers seemed to be another of those attempts.

The best part of his tirade against Doc Rivers was when he pointed out this unique fact about Doc Rivers blowing 3-1 leads multiple times.

The Clippers coach now has the infamous record of giving up on 3-1 leads in the Bush, Obama and Trump administration.

In the Bush administration, Rivers blew a 3-1 lead with Orlando Magic vs Pistons. During, Obama’s tenure, he gave up on a 3-1 lead vs Rockets while he was already the Clippers coach.

And the 3rd time, in Trump’s administration, it sadly came once again during his tenure with the Clippers.

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Sports talk show hosts are notoriously fickle-minded normally. But credit goes to Nick Wright for calling the Clippers out on their lack of consistency and chemistry all through the past NBA season.

It’s high time he got to enjoy saying ‘I told you so’ to his viewers after the disappointments of the last 4 years.


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