Kendrick Perkins lashed out at some Clippers players for underperforming. According to him, the Clippers will be getting rid of key bench unit members in the offseason.

The Clippers are in for some royal bashing after blowing their second 3-1 lead in 6 playoffs. The franchise harboured championship ambitions this season.

They looked well on their way to a deeper playoff run when the unthinkable happened. Dropping double digit leads in their last 3 losses was definitely a recipe for ridicule from all quarters.

Kendrick Perkins claims the Clippers are going to break this unit up

Involved in punditry after being phased out of the league, Kendrick Perkins has gained notoriety for his hot takes of late. The former NBA champion under Doc Rivers noted that several Clippers had underperformed against the Nuggets.

He pointed to the likes of Reggie Jackson, Harrell and Lou Williams as culprits.

Lou Williams, especially had a torrid series vs Nuggets, as he absolutely underperformed on the offensive end. Defensively, anyway, Lou has been a liability and thus the Clippers might look at offloading him this off-season.

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While there might be some truth to Perkins’ claims, he has not made it easy for people to take him at face value. Perkins has been at the center of several controversies.

He was among the former players calling out Lou Williams for visiting a strip club. Williams gave a scathing reply to Perk in a tweet. There’s little doubt that some of these Perkins statements are motivated by a desire to get even.


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