Wade Barrett signs new contract with the WWE. The former leader of Nexus will be a part of NXT as part of a one-year contract with the promotion.

Wade Barrett broke through in the WWE after making a mark at NXT, which was a completely different kind of show back then. Despite a promising start however, the former leader of the Nexus’ career came to a standstill before he was eventually released.

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The former Intercontinental Champion has now returned to the WWE and will fittingly be a part of NXT. However, he will not be a part of the roster but will join the announce team instead. He told Sports Illustrated the new contract is a one-year agreement but features an option to extend the partnership.

Wade Barrett signs new contract with the WWE

“I hope this lasts for a long time, that’s our intent,” Barrett said. “So there is no bad news to share, but never forget, there is always a little bad news up my sleeve.”

Barrett announced the NXT commentary team’s desire to be different than RAW and SmackDown.

“Our aim is to be different, a little more unique than the other WWE programming,” said Barrett. “We don’t want to be a carbon copy of what you hear on Raw or SmackDown. I’ve known Beth for years, and she is incredibly talented, and I am just getting to know Vic. I’m excited to learn from and work with both of them, and I’m really excited to develop this into a really tight unit.”

Wade Barrett was part of the WWE from 2010 to 2016. He sought an early release from his contract citing heavy burnout and the need to recover from a neck injury. He has since featured on different wrestling promotions under various roles.

Barrett returned to the WWE on the August 26, 2020 episode of NXT as a color commentator in a single appearance deal. With former lead announcer Mauro Ranallo parting ways with the WWE, he has now become a permanent member of the NXT broadcast team.

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