Valorant error 39 is currently one of the error codes any one could encounter while signing in or launching the game.

Continue reading to find out more about the error and how you can fix it.

Valorant is one of the most tending game of 2020 and  has made headlines all around the world.

Since the game is only in its first year there are still several several bugs and errors which occur time to time.

Some times this error has shown during mid matches and has got some frustration into players.

Many have encountered the error 39 and we have learnt the possible origin and the fix.

So if you encounter it again continue to read the article.


Possible Cause?

The error 39 is caused by server connectivity.
Once the error code is displayed on the monitor screen, it will also display a message.

The message states that the game client has faced an error to connect to the platform.

Although the error code is not troubling and also doesn’t give exact detail of the error.

The reason is that the error code could be the server is under maintenance or server issue.



The error only occurs when there is a server issue or maintenance.

Players can use Valorant Server Status page on twitter to check if you regions server is under maintenance or any server issues going on.

If there is such issue only option is to wait for the server to get back on and the twitter page will provide update on how long the issue will last.


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