Daniel Cormier reveals he battled Covid-19 in the weeks leading up to his trilogy fight against Stipe Miocic. Cormier lost the main event bout of UFC 252.

Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic were part of an epic trilogy that concluded at UFC 252 with Miocic winning the contest, and ending the in-ring feud with a score of 2-1. In the follow-up of the fight DC acknowledged that Miocic was the better man on the day, and indeed deserved to keep the Heavyweight championship. However, precisely a month afterwards, Cormier has now revealed, he was not physically in the best form in the weeks leading up to the event, and suffered complications related to Coronavirus.

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Daniel Cormier Contracted The Virus Just a Few Weeks Before The Trilogy Fight

On Monday, in an interview with Yahoo! Sports, the former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight champion disclosed that in mid-July during a training camp, he discovered that he has become the host of the virus. DC conveyed, he became suspicious after a teammate at the academy came down with the deadly virus, though at first results came negative, but later next week he began to feel symptoms, and went for another test which came back positive this time.

Daniel Cormier did recovered from the deadly virus on time, and successfully indulged in the bout which went all the way to judges’ decision. In the interview, DC still stood with his earlier stance about the result of the fight, and said “That’s not an excuse at all. Miocic won the fight, and he fought beautifully. This is a thank you almost to Oura for allowing me to get to the fight. I might have just kept pushing and not known I had it. But I was able to take care of myself properly and then get back into training and compete for the heavyweight championship of the world. Without the ring, I don’t think that’s possible.”

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