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Last night, the Los Angeles Clippers lost Game 7 in a blowout to the Denver Nuggets. At one point in the series, was up 3-1. David Samson broke down the heartbreaking 104-89 loss for the Clips and what owner Steve Ballmer should do next on his podcast, “Nothing Personal with David Samson.”

“All I kept thinking about was what was in [Ballmer’s] mind? He had promised the world to himself and to Clippers fans. He brought in Kawhi Leonard .. traded for Paul George,” Samson said. “He’s got to be thinking to himself is Doc Rivers rivers the right coach? Is Paul George the right number two superstar? What do we not have have that teams like the Miami Heat have?”

The day after the playoff boot us a tough one for team owners. Here’s the advice Samson had for Ballmer: 

“First thing Steve… is you do nothing today, you’re way too emotional, you can’t even do the 30 minute rule you have to do the 3-day rule… Take three days and let the loss marinate through you,” Samson said. 

Once Ballmer does take that time, Samson asks, “Do you start thinking about the fact that Doc Rivers has blown more 3-1 leads than any coach in playoff history? Three times… Do you start questioning the big haul you gave away to get Paul George?”

The Clippers have’t been to the Conference Finals in 50 years, which Samson notes is “the greatest, longest streak in all four major sports.” However, the podcast host says Rivers isn’t the problem, the team’s success history isn’t the problem, it’s the team chemistry that is.


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