The performance team at NiP has decided to give Tim ” nawwk” Jonasson some time off sighting signs of exhaustion.

The AWPer is reportedly to be out of action until the next RMR tournament, DreamHack Open Fall which is going to start from October 15.

NiP have been invited directly to the main part of the tournament.

NiP’s coach THREAT will stand-in for the remainder of the matches of the ongoing ESL Pro League.

He will play the final matches of the group stage against FaZe and fnatic on Friday and Saturday.

NiP COO has issued a statement regarding this matter and has specified that they don’t want to escalate the matter which could go worse if avoided.

The decision is taken in a situation where the team is currently 1-4 record.

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The organization’s performance team has decided to give the AWPer time off after he had been showing signs of exhaustion as of late. Tim “⁠nawwk⁠” Jonasson is expected to be out of action until the beginning of the next Regional Major Ranking event in Europe, DreamHack Open Fall, which is slated to kick off on October 15, with Swedes being among the teams directly invited to the main part of the tournament. Coach Björn “⁠THREAT⁠” Pers will step into the lineup during NiP’s remaining matches in the ongoing ESL Pro League Season 12’s group stage, against FaZe and fnatic on Friday and Saturday, respectively. “With Tim we’ve decided to pull the trigger early on, channeling all our efforts into de-escalating the situation, before it turns into a much larger problem that could put him on the sidelines even longer,” NiP’s COO, Jonas Gundersen, explained. “With this course of action, we hope to have him back on the server sooner rather than later.” #CSGO #esports

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Hence are not in a position to qualify to the play-offs with only 2 matches left.

This comes in a time where players are taking medical breaks like Olofmeister , gla1ve and Xyp9x who have taken extented breaks.





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