In a new development, it is reported that Michael Chandler is the front-runner to face Tony Ferguson at UFC 254. 

While Negotiations with Dustin Poirier failed, and with Dana White already exhibiting the intentions to find another opponent for Tony Ferguson, for UFC 254, the chances to find a significant challenger though are limited, but according to reports, UFC is planning a big move.

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Michael Chandler, whose arrival in UFC looks imminent, may eventually see Tony Ferguson in his debut fight. Chandler, 34, has been a 3-time Bellator Lightweight champion. He’s been making rounds since Dana White publicly showed interest in his services.

Michael Chandler is the Front-Runner TO Face Tony Ferguson

As per ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, UFC is in talks with Michael Chandler, and discussions are in place to book him against Tony Ferguson.

Helwani also gave his take on Dana White’s recent statement about Poirier not wanting to fight Tony, and conveyed Dustin seemed hell-bent focused for the fight.

However, with this recent development, it is certain that UFC is trying to substitute a much anticipated fight with another sell-out bout, though escalations are yet to yield something of interest.

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