FS1 Undisputed host Skip Bayless called LeBron James’ chasedown block in Game 7, 2016 overrated while complimenting Bam’s stupendous block today.

Ever the LeBron hater on TV, Skip Bayless has probably ascended to a new level of that today. LeBron James averages nearly 29 points a game through his playoff career, and yet this block is often referred to as his greatest play ever.

The King even admitted that this block was his own personal favorite play from his career on an interview with Uninterrupted.

Skip Bayless puts down LeBron’s chasedown block while praising Bam Adebayo’s block today

Bam Adebayo came up with an epic block to counter Jayson Tatum’s dunk attempt in the closing stages of overtime today. The Celtics were attempting to tie the game with this shot. Adebayo showed off his incredible verticality, taking the ball right off the rim while stopping the dunk.

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Skip’s apparent hate for LeBron is well documented. There was absolutely no need to bring his epic play into a situation that was unrelated.

Adebayo’s play might well have been the better basketball play in absolute terms – there have been many, many blocks in the NBA qualitatively better than LeBron’s chasedown in that game.

What set that play apart were the stakes at hand. It was Game 7 of the Finals, and neither team had scored for a long stretch of time. Yeah, JR Smith did make it tough for Iguodala already.

But the timing and precision of James’ block and the speed with which he swooped in during that situation was unreal and is quite worthy of the praise it receives.


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