Stephen A Smith misses no opportunity to show up his counterpart on First Take. Max Kellerman was left grasping for straws as Stephen A put him on blast for his Kawhi takes.

Max Kellerman has opined that Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the world ever since his run with the Raptors last season. Leonard averaged over 31 points for the defending champions in the playoffs last year. But his abject surrender in Game 7, in which he shot just 27%, made for a terrible watch even for the neutral fans.

Stephen A Smith’s scathing indictment of Kawhi Leonard and Max Kellerman

Munching on cheese puffs nonchalantly and sipping tea, Stephen A was at his destructive best on today’s edition of First Take. He gave Kellerman the hairdryer treatment while laying into Kawhi for his miserable performance. Stephen A’s rants really are a sight to behold.

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Grammatical gaffes aside, Stephen A put together the following rant in the show this morning.

“Your little soliloquy right there shows why when it comes to the sport of basketball you should be banned from talking about the sport. Your take was embarrassing! After all of this noise that you have made all of these years about Kawhi Leonard… you come on national television, I give you the top of the show….. I gave you the floor, and your response to the American public after the drivel you have subjected us all to for the last several years was ‘whoops, I blew it.’ That’s the best you can do?!”

Kawhi Leonard better than Kobe Bryant?

Poor Max Kellerman, who’s from a boxing background, must feel terribly out of place talking basketball after all. The guy even had the nerve to say Kawhi was better than peak Kobe Bryant at one point last year. Stephen A didn’t hesitate to point that out.

To be fair, the duo have good chemistry on screen. It’s just lovely to see them get along the way they did today.


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