Joe Burrow began his NFL career with a loss against the Chargers on Sunday. How can the rookie quarterback bounce back from this?

Burrow’s game against the Chargers was impressive for a rookie start, having 193 yards and a touchdown scored by him. The rookie rushed for 23 yards until he reached the endzone, scoring his first-ever TD in an NFL game.

Although Burrow showed potential in his first game, he did achieve a passer rating of 66.1, abysmal for a quarterback. He also threw an interception in the fourth quarter, diminishing the Bengals’ chances of winning the game. He had some thoughts about his performance in a post-game interview held by the Bengals.

Postgame quotes

In the interview, Burrow goes on to say that the team “made too many mistakes”, some of them committed by him. The rookie states that while they did feel like they “were going to win the game” or at least “go into overtime”, it just “didn’t work out for us”.

He goes onto say that while his first touchdown “felt good at the time”, he felt like “it doesn’t matter now”.

In the last drive of the game, Burrow said that they “were moving the ball pretty well” but it was “too little too late” to seal the game.

What will Burrow do next time?

Burrow is still a rookie. Especially in the quarterback position, rookies end up making mistakes. And against a defensive line that consists of Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa, what he did was pretty impressive. We’ll probably see him improve his decision-making skills and the ability to pass the ball more quickly against the Browns.


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