Jamal Murray was in an exuberant mood after successfully completing a second consecutive 3-1 comeback. He demanded more respect for the Nuggets from the media.

Down 3-1 in a series that nearly everyone expected them to lose, the Nuggets staged 3 improbable comebacks successively to bundle the Clippers out of the playoffs.

In doing so, Denver advanced to their first Conference Finals since 2009. Unlike the Conference Semis, the Nuggets will now get 2 days of rest for the Conference Championship.

Jamal Murray calls out Shaq, Chuck and Stephen A, demands more respect for his team

Speaking to Michael Scotto of USA today in the post-game interview, Murray clapped back at doubters of the Nuggets. He explained how his team had demonstrated the resilience of a veteran squad. He put the onus on the mainstream media to now give more respect to them and take their championship chances seriously.

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“You got Shaq, you got Charles (Barkley), you got Zach Lowe, Stephen A (Smith). All ya’ll better start giving this team some damn respect because we put in the work and we’ve got a resilient team. Ya’ll can start changing the narrative and looking at us in a better light.”

Murray exorcised the demons from his past game 7 performances with a 40 point outing tonight. He did this while being double teamed and pressed by All-Defensive team members of the ilk of Kawhi and Beverley.

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Nikola Jokic also dropped a monster statline on the night, going for 16 points, 22 rebounds, 13 assists, 3 blocks and 2 steals. The duo, who have described themselves as a ‘couple’, were also helped out by some reliable shooting from the likes of Gary Harris, Jerami Grant and Gary Harris. They will definitely pose a significant threat to the top-seeded Lakers.


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