Fortnite Rocket League collab: Epic games sets up exciting new event from the 23rd of Sept to celebrate Rocket League’s free to play release.

Video game companies should learn a thing or two from Epic games. When it comes to branding and advertising, they are on top. The company’s list of Fornite collabs was already very long. Marvel, NFL, Iron man and much more. Now, meet Rocket League, the newest member of the collab roster.

Fortnite Rocket League Collab – What’s the deal?

So, what is this new crossover you keep hearing about? Well, you see, Epic games is the company that owns Fortnite. They also bought Psyonix last year. What the duck is Psyonix? They are the developers behind Rocket League. What is Rocket League? It’s an exciting mini-game for PC and is a quirky take on soccer. In the game, instead of men, you have cars, weird jumpy ones, that play football.

Now, Rocket League belongs to Epic Games and the game is very famous in some parts of the world already. But, only some! So, Epic Games plans to use Fortnite’s popularity to make Rocket League just as famous. Hence, the event!

What is the Llama Rama event?

The event starts on 23rd September. It is organised to celebrate Rocket League’s free to play launch in the Epic games store. Also, players participating in the event will get rewards in both games. So, expect to see some really cool Rocket League cars in Fortnite. Epic Games hasn’t said much about the events on Fortnite yet. However, the first reward announced is a 10$ coupon to anybody who downloads Rocket League on the Epic store. You can use this to buy any item worth 15$ or more on the store. You will also get rewards for logging into an Epic account. Also, you get some if you connect the two games together. It is a Promotional after all! Duh!

Epic Games will discontinue the game on Steam. However, if you got it from there, don’t worry! The support for the game will continue in spite of that.

Fortnite Rocket League collab: The potential.

This event could be huge for the Rocket League. It is already a very fun game. Also, it has a competitive scene too. So, once the huge Fortnite fan base gets a whiff of it, the game’s numbers should skyrocket. This also explains the free to play decision by Epic Games.

Many of you are surely about to download the game. Most of you will like it. However, it can be hard to figure out early on.

So, before/when you download it, check out our How to play Rocket League: Be a master of the world’s craziest football game today! for a detailed guide.


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