F1 2021 Calendar: Mugello is being touted as a regular feature in the F1 Calendar, but how realistic is it for Liberty Media to include it?

Mugello made a fabulous debut in Formula One last weekend, with the first-ever Tuscan Grand Prix. Notwithstanding 8 drivers failed to finish the race, the race track provided for some fast-paced overtaking manoeuvres all throughout the race.

The Ferrari-owned race track is old-school, which made it a delight to race for the drivers. The team’s driver Charles Leclerc was heard raving about the circuit. He also expressed hope that the race is part of the ‘normal’ calendar, and not just a race done to make up for the races cancelled due to the pandemic.

“I would love to see the track on the normal calendar. To be honest, I was a little sceptical at first, but after the race it become clear that there was a lot of overtaking. In that sense, the track is surprisingly good.”

Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo also spoke well of Mugello, called the Tuscan Grand Prix one of the most exciting this season so far. He, however, believes, that the other Italian race at Monza needs to be in priority. Monza is a regular feature in the F1 Calendar, with Mugello and Imola making it to the F1 2020 Calendar.

“It was one of the most exciting grands prix of the year. I’d say a lot of the drivers would like to return. But we also love Monza, so I wouldn’t want it to be at the expense of that.”

“It would be great if we could have both.”

Will Mugello continue in the F1 2021 Calendar?

Unfortunately, at the moment at least, it seems unlikely Mugello will return. F1 is except to return to its usual schedule of 22 races as part of the F1 2021 Calendar, with the cancelled races of this season making a return. Add to the fact that Liberty Media had to pay few circuits to come in as replacements this season, and Mugello chances are bleak.

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German RTL’s journo Felix Gorner wrote about this situation, calling the possibility as “very, very, small”. He, however, like the aforementioned drivers, praised the race track, and feels F1 will miss Mugello in the future.

“The probability that Italy will get a second race is also very, very small.”

“The circuit not only has charm, it has character. Not least because of the gravel traps that you can’t get out of. That means you can’t make a mistake, or if you do, your race is over.”


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