A 6-year old football player had gone viral for running like he’s the second-coming of Derrick Henry. The 6-year old’s physicality mimics Henry in many ways.

6-year Old Football Player Dominating 6u League

When looking at the 6u league, this one kid stands out. His stands head-over-shoulders over everyone else, presenting a nightmare match-up for the rest of the 6-year olds. Just watch him on this run:

Running people over? Check. Mean stiff-arms? Check. A big and powerful body compared to everyone else? Check. Does this remind you of anyone in the NFL? This type of running-style and physical prowess is exactly what Derrick Henry boasts in the league today.

His downfield running style closely resembles Derrick Henry’s and who knows, maybe one day he’ll grow up to dominate at Alabama just like Henry did.

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Reactions to 6-year old’s insane run

Here are some of the reactions from around Twitter to this running play showing how everyone sees the Derrick Henry comparison.

This comparison truly goes to show how dominant and powerful Henry has been, even from his high-school days. However, it wasn’t merely Henry’s physique that put him over the top. His work ethic is one of the best in the league and is a major factor for how he remains so crucial to the Titans and one of the best running-backs in the league.

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