In San Francisco’s 24-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, safety Budda Baker tackled 49ers star George Kittle’s and the tight end wound up leaving with a sprained left knee. After the game, Baker tweeted out photos of inappropriate messages he received on Instagram blaming him for Kittle’s injury. The messages included racial slurs and threats.

Baker shared screenshots of the messages and wrote, “I’m all good with opposing fans talking trash but this right here man. All you can do is pray for people like this.”

On Thursday, the 49ers took action on the matter by launching an investigation to identify the fan. The team said once they find out who sent the messages to Baker, the person will be be banned “from all 49ers games and events.”

Here’s San Francisco’s statement on the incident:

“The San Francisco 49ers unequivocally denounce the racist messages sent to Budda Baker. The individual who sent the messages does not represent the 49ers or the Faithful. Per team policy, we are working to identify this person and will ban them from all 49ers games and events. Incidents like this demonstrate how much work remains to be done to address racism and hate in our society. We remain steadfast in our commitment to that work.”

The photos Baker shared show an account with the name @niners8 as the sender of the inappropriate messages. That Instagram account is still currently active on the social media platform, but it follows nobody and there are no posts on the page.

Kittle also came to Baker’s defense after he shared the photos of the messages. He posted a photo of him and Baker during the game on Instagram and wrote, “Nothing but respect 32! See you down the road. Always Respect Bro.”


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