After a disastrous NA Summer Academy Split placing 10th overall, Team Liquid have announced that they have released Yusui and Rikara from their Academy Roster.

It comes as no shock over the change in the roster with performances at a new low and failing to make it out of groups in the Summer split .

A change was expected within the lineup, the team failed to make it to the playoffs placing last and with a record of 3 wins and 15 losses.

They also had miserable Spring Season placing 5th-6th bowing out in the first round of playoffs.

Who is Yusui?


Yusui started his career in League with Team Gyrations back in May’14 and where they played a couple of tournaments and disbanded shortly/

During the 2015 pre season he joined Team LoLPro and qualified for the Spring Expansion Tournament  where they beat Fission in the first round but lost out to Team Coast in second round.

He was picked up by C9 G2A in January’15. However at the start of the season the team was found to use a ringer against Confound.

Subsequently they were banned until that years 2015 Summer Split and in March the ban was lifted.

They started competitively to play from May 11.

After the unban he continue to play after a mixed bag of results decided to retire from the sport.

In 2017 he returned from retirement to play competitive again.

He played for various roster notably Echo Fox in 2018-2019 and joined Team Liquids academy back in in December’19.

He was released from the Academy roster after a 9 month stint within the team.


Who is Rikara?

PC- Rikara

Rikara played for various roster since his beginning as an AD carry notably playing for Nova eSports.

He played to reach the LCS with Gold Coin United in the 2017 season, he subsequently joined 100T academy at the end of the year.

The team had visa issue which resulted in a mixed season finishing 8th place with a 7-11 record.

The Summer split had good things to come for Rikara as the team went onto have 10-8 record just making into playoffs.

Their main roster announced that Rikara will replace Cody Sun in the semi final of the split where they lost 1-3 in the series.

He also started in a game in the 3rd place match even though they lost the series they made it to 2018 Worlds based off of circuit points.

He also played all 6 games of the group stage replacing Cody Sun and they finished 3rd in their group and got eliminiated.

Both Rikara and Cody Sun left the org after the signing of Bang.

He played under various academies later and joined the Liquid Academy team in March’20.

He was released from the squad ending his 6 month tenure.



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