The Wilpon family, who have been the majority owners of the New York Mets since 1986, and club president Saul Katz announced on Monday that they have agreed to sell the team to billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen. Frustrated Mets fans everywhere are celebrating as the heavily criticized ownership group will soon be out the door. 

But what does this mean for the future of the Mets? David Samson talked about what’s next for the team and what Cohen’s plan will be moving forward on his podcast “Nothing Personal with David Samson.”

“What matters is, that Mets fans are rejoicing in the streets. They’re dancing in the streets,” Samson said before giving a “wait-to-see” on the team. “Does it mean automatic winning? Does it mean a rebuild? Does it mean an automatic increase in payroll? All of that is gonna be a big wait-to-see.”

Mets fans have been punching air, shaking their heads and screaming at the television for years over missed opportunities and questionable choices made by the Wilpons. Now, all the people who have been chanting “Sell the Mets” are getting their wish. There is optimism surrounding the team.

Looking over the press release on the news, Samson did criticize the announcement, mostly because Cohen put himself in it.

“You do not allow yourself to be put into a press release with the former owner,” the podcast host explained. 

Cohen’s statement read: “I am excited to have reached an agreement with the Wilpon and Katz families to purchase the New York Mets.”

Instead, Samson says Cohen should have talked about the fans, reaching a new era and bringing a world championship to the team.

Samson went through his other rules for the new owner, and they include having a 100-day PR plan. meetings with editorial boards, a press conference with corporate sponsors, season tickets holders with players included and, lastly, that hiring any Wall Street friends is a big no no.

Samson also warned that Cohen is “in the public eye in a way you haven’t before,” adding, “this is a brand new world.”

The sale has not yet been approved by MLB but is expected to be soon.


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