NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin for Russell Westbrook might be beneficial for both the teams; according to a report from ‘Hoops Habit’.

6-time NBA All-Star Blake Griffin is in the middle of the latest trade rumors. Rumors seem to be flying about Griffin being switched for Russell Westbrook. This trade seems like it may benefit both the teams.

This season we saw that the Russ-Harden combo doesn’t work well for the Rockets. The Rockets were better when only one of the two stars was on the floor. Both the players are set to make over $40 mil next season, and with the Rockets already paying the luxury tax for the next season, it means no new players unless some trade happens.

Blake Griffin is set to make $36 mil, whereas Russ is making a bit north of $41mil, this would be a point Rockets owner Tillman Fertitta would be happy about.

A Griffin and Russ swap, latest NBA Trade Rumor

Now that the season is in the last few weeks, trade rumors have started flying around, and the newest one on the block is a Russ-Griffin trade.

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How would this potential trade benefit both the teams?

Blake Griffin may not be the same athletic, explosive player which was the reason he made his name. He has discovered a reliable 3-point shot and provides solid defense.

His 3-point shooting fits perfectly with the Rockets culture. He can also be a perfect center in the Rockets small-ball team. He also aids with the monetary aspect, costing almost $4.2 mil less than Russ per year.

The Pistons have a big point guard problem. They have Reggie Jackson, Derrick Rose and Tim Fraizer, but none are as good as Russ would be.

Russell is a player who can easily carry the Pistons to a playoff berth in the East, provided he stays healthy. He can guide them as high as the second round alone, not further, but the Pistons would be ecstatic to make the playoffs at all, so a win.

This seems crazy, but this trade would be a good thing f0r both the teams and they should seriously consider it.


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