The Ram Rage challenge, Clash Royale’s newest game mode is here. Check out these quirky, new decks in order to master the challenge.

After the raged giant mode last season, Clash Royale has introduced another raged troop into the game. There is no doubt that the raged giant mode was a great hit two seasons ago. Players loved playing and stopping the almost unstoppable beast that a giant in rage became. As a result, there were requests from all over the community to bring more modes into the game like this. Well, it seems Supercell have listened.

The Ram Rage Challenge: End Goal.

For those of you wondering how to play the mode, it’s pretty simple. Ram Rider is your locked win condition. So, you need to build a deck around it. Also, all ram riders played will be permanently raged. So, be careful with that!

The Ram Rage Challenge: Basic tips.

The things to keep in mind for the ram rage challenge are:

First, know that raged Ram Riders are a lethal beast. They are also a great win con. Plus, their snare can slow troops to a halt. So, you need to focus almost entirely on defence for this challenge. If you keep stopping the enemy’s Ram Riders with no negative elixir trades, you should be fine.

Now, first of all, almost every deck will require at least one reset card. It can be a zap, a log, an electro dragon or wizard, doesn’t matter. To be safe, you should take two of these. Secondly, try not to take any card that a ram rider hard counters. Remember, there’ll be loads of them in double and triple elixir. So, your ballon or royal giant may never get through. This brings us to our last tip, don’t take slow, heavy troops. Take small swarms. This way you have lots of zap and log bait as well. As a result, your enemy may be confused about whether he should zap your ram rider.

In case any of you are new to the card or just unlocked it, learn more about its secrets here!

Best decks to use.

Now, you have to use the ram rider for the challenge. So, we’ll not mention the gal again and again. Instead, we’ll list the 7 other cards for each deck.

  • Ram Rider Bait: Log, Princess, Goblin Gang, Fireball, Skarmy, Knight, Inferno Tower. The avg. cost is 3.5. This is simply your regular log bait modified for this challenge. However, it is very effective. There are plenty of bait cards here. Also, your opponent will get very confused about saving their zap for your Inferno or keeping it for your Rider. In case your Inferno dies, the log gang combo or skarmy can stop the rider. The knight is a tank for single elixir when ram riders don’t cycle fast enough.
  • Heal that baby special: E-wiz, Musketeer, Heal Spirit, Fireball, Knight, Tesla, Log. The avg. cost is 3.3. Knight, Musketeer and heal spirit are 3 of the best cards in the game. All 3 of them are in your deck! Need I say more? Also, this deck is pure fireball bait. You place your musky or e-wiz down, wait for them to fireball. Then, voila! You heal them up again. In order to tank, you have the knight. For emergencies, a tesla. Don’t our ram rider will handle the offence alone. She’s a tough chick!

Both of these decks are relatively F2P friendly. They are also off-meta and fun to play. Plus, there’s a level cap at 9. So, very few levelling issues for anyone in the legendary arena.

Now go on! Try the challenge out! Have fun and clash on!

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