As more schools and conferences have returned to playing college football,  Pac-12 and Big Ten players and fans have been asking whether their conferences would reverse their decisions on not playing this season.

Well, it seems, we may get some news on the Big Ten’s status later on Tuesday.

A private conversation between Nebraska president Ted Carter and Bob Hinson, the director of the National Strategic Research Institute, was caught on a hot mic at a press conference by KETV 7.

In the conversation, Carter was heard talking to Hinson about an announcement coming on Tuesday night.

“Carter: …we’re getting ready to announce the Huskers and Big Ten football tonight. It’s coming together.

Hinson: Oh, really? I heard that that was happening. I didn’t, I think there’s a lot of anticipation about that. Good for you. Maybe that will get off your plate.

Carter: Well, it never will. But it’s a good move in the right direction.”

Carter was asked about his comments on the mic and reportedly said he was trying to say there is a lot of work going on to “move in the right direction” and that he hoped to see a resolution soon and that resolution would be playing football.

It’s impossible to tell what exactly their conversation was about, but it does seem to be related to football in some way.

As far as the specifics, we’ll have to wait and see. If what Carter says is true, though, that wait will only be a few hours.


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