Judging from his latest tweet, Kanye West seems to be having another meltdown right now. The Yeezy designer and rapper called the NBA a ‘slave ship’ yesterday.

Kanye West has always been regarded as a basketball aficionado and has been spotted courtside at several NBA games. He was in attendance at Kobe’s final game famously and has even praised basketball players in several of his songs. All of this makes his latest Twitter meltdown even more inexplicable.

Kanye West puts NBA, music industry on blast in his latest tweet

The Chicago-born rapper called the NBA and the music industry to be modern-day slave ships. According to him, the people in both industries are being used by the ‘owners’ for their own private benefit. This is to the detriment of black people in general according to him.

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Kanye goes so far as to say that he’s the ‘new Moses’, an obvious reference to how Moses set the Jews in Egypt free and led them to the holy land. Given the self-made nature of his wealth and the fact that he’s the richest hip hop artist in the world benefiting off the work of millions of disadvantaged labourers, it seems to be really facetious of him to be saying this.

Will the NBA react to Kanye West?

It also seems a little too insensitive of Kanye to be talking about the NBA being a ‘slave ship’ when the league as a whole has been trying to promote the ‘Black Lives matter’ movement. It will be interesting to see how the likes of LeBron James react to this. The Lakers star has championed the BLM movement and has been in favour of playing in the Bubble, owing to the platform that it provides the players.

Kanye announced his candidature for the 2020 presidential election in July. But any little momentum he had fizzled out after a meltdown in which he dissed his own wife Kim Kardashian and the Jenner family. These are definitely not good days for ye.


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