At this point, it’s almost astonishing that Angel Hernandez is still a big-league umpire. Whenever Hernandez is working behind the plate, both teams know to expect a frustrating night.

And, well, Monday’s game between the Twins and White Sox was no exception. But there was one pitch, in particular, that captured the attention of MLB fans and had Hernandez trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

With Jose Abreu facing Jorge Alcala in the eighth inning, Hernandez watched as an 87 mph breaking ball crossed nowhere near the plate and still called it a strike.

Like, this wasn’t even close.

According to Umpire Auditor, the pitch was 3.35 inches off the plate. It was a strike call that had fans in disbelief.

It’s really time for MLB to move on from Hernandez. This can’t continue.


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