LeBron James needs to “step up to the plate”, says LA County Sheriff, as he requests James to put up money to find the Deputy Officers’ shooter.

LeBron James prides himself in being one of the most socially active figures in the sports world. He has been at the forefront of every major racially charged event that has taken place in the United States, condemning each unjust act of racism.

However, with over 110 million followers on Instagram and Twitter combined, his statements were bound to land him in some hot water.

Right wing activist, Candace Owens even called out LeBron James for his statements on ‘being like any other black man in America’ by claiming he has an ‘all white staff and lives a very lavish lifestyle’.

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LeBron James gets called out by the LA County Sheriff

Now, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is being challenged by the LA County Sheriff to put up $175,000 or double up the reward to $350,000. This is to incentivise people to try and locate the gunman who shot the 2 deputy officers at point blank range.

The Sheriff stated that he knows LeBron cares about law enforcement and that he should put look past race, creed, and professions, to help the LA County catch the gunman.

LeBron James has yet to respond to the County Sheriff.

Should James put up the money for the reward?

LeBron James is considered to be ‘woke’ but at the same time, he has only addressed issues based on racially charged crimes against black people. He has shied away from any other pressing matter to talk about.

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Many people all over Twitter are applauding the County Sheriff for challenging James.

He has not yet commented on the shootings of the LA deputies but considering the fact he is now a part of the Los Angeles community, it be quite admirable if James did put up a certain amount for the reward.


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