4-time MVP LeBron James has been accorded a room fit for a king at the Gran Destino Hotel. A video tour of his suite has been doing the rounds on Twitter of late.

The Los Angeles Lakers have cruised to the Western Conference Finals, losing just 2 of their 10 games so far. They will have an extended rest period in comparison to whoever they face at that stage.

LeBron James has definitely been enjoying his off days with his family and teammates at the bubble.

Video tour of LeBron James’s Presidential Suite

The element of grandeur for James’s room isn’t lost on us. The room seems to be located on one of the highest floors in the building. There’s a 3-armed chandelier at the entrance hanging off a high ceiling.

An expansively designed sitting and living area is located in the center of the suite, complete with a flatscreen TV.

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There’s a kitchen adjoined to the living area and a dining area as well. The master bedroom of the suite is located to the right of the dining area.

It’s got a couch located at the window which makes it convenient to lay down and take in the breathtaking view. The bathroom looks great for ordinary people, but the bathtub seems too small for a man of LeBron’s physique.

There’s another bedroom to the left of the living area which has got 2 queen size beds. This is probably where James’s family members are currently lodged with him.

James’s suite will definitely be a hit with Disney World patrons when the Covid-19 threat is reduced and normal life resumes.


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