“It doesn’t make a difference”- Alex Albon on facing stiff competition from his predecessor Pierre Gasly, with latter winning the Italian GP.

Alex Albon would have felt tremendous pressure after Pierre Gasly’s Italian Grand Prix triumph at Monza until the Thai driver himself bagged his first podium at Mugello by coming 3rd in the chaotic race.

After the race, Albon reflected upon his performance in an interview with the ESPN, as the Red Bull sensation mummed his critics with the trophy in hand.

“It’s really very simply about self-improvement, working well with the team and focusing on the little things, and not looking around. I definitely feel that I’m improving as a driver, not just on the circuit but also off the track so that’s still the goal.”

“From where I see it, things haven’t really gone our way so far and I feel our results haven’t been very representative of what we can do.” He further said.

“That’s where got to keep push and we still have half a season left to do a good job,” said a down-to-earth Albon who clearly sets his priorities.

“It doesn’t make a difference”- Albon talking about the threat from Gasly

When Gasly won the race at Monza, several experts suggested that Red Bull should rehabilitate Gasly in his former seat which he lost last season with the Austrian team showing no patience amidst a string of underwhelming performances by the Frenchman.

It was a redemption for Gasly and a probably a matter of stress for Albon. However, things went back to normal with Albon’s achievement. The Red Bull driver speaking on the alleged threat from Gasly pointed that he isn’t insecure with it.

It doesn’t make a difference. It’s nice to see other drivers doing well but I wouldn’t say it motivates me more, because I’m a pretty motivated guy as it is,” he said.


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