Ikea gaming furniture hits the market as the retail giant teams up with Asus ROG and promises to provide “affordable” products.

Hold on to your hats because Ikea just got cooler. Yesterday, the Swedish retail giant signed a new deal with Asus ROG. This sees the odd couple collab to make gaming furniture. I know right! Sounds crazy! 25 years ago who could’ve thought of something like that!

Ikea Gaming Furniture? What is the deal?

First, they made an entry into the smart home section. Then, they came up with their AR app. Now, Ikea is taking one more step into the world of tech. Hey, that rhymed! Yes, folks, I’m talking about the lucrative market of PC gaming. The company announced its collab with Asus yesterday. First, the two have plans to roll out a line of at least 30 items. They also plan to make them as affordable as possible.

Ikea Gaming Furniture – The First of Many?

While pretty unique, the Asus ROG Ikea combo is not the first of this kind. Herman Miller teamed up with Logitech to make a gaming chair in July. It is known as The Embody Gaming Chair. And yet, interest in such collabs should come as no surprise to us. The gaming industry is growing rapidly for many years now. And Ikea gaming furniture has found a lucrative problem to solve.

A niche but a necessary market.

There is a serious lack of good gaming furniture right now. Now, I know, some of you may laugh when I use the term. However, believe it or not, the type of furniture used for gaming is different from that used for ordinary purposes. These chairs have to be high-backed for eg. Also, the tables need quirks such as adjustable height and cable management. Plus, not to mention, all gaming furniture also craves for some of that RGB goodness. Most of this is hard to find unless you’re willing to empty your entire pocket. This is where Ikea gaming furniture comes in.

Therefore, expect to see fast growth in this affordable market in the near future. Other retail giants are also looking at these two right now. After seeing how they turn out, they’ll also want to step on this new train.

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