Jared Cannonier, who has a fight scheduled at UFC 254, is also willing to become a part of UFC 253 on short Notice.

With Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa set to lock horns at UFC 253 for the UFC Middleweight championship, another fighter has his sights set on the gold, and it is Jared Cannonier. At UFC 254, Cannonier will go up against Robert Whittaker, and irrespective of what happens in the championship bout, Jared Cannonier Vs. Robert Whittaker, will produce the next No.1 Contender. However, if the rematch between Adesanya and Costa takes place, then the No.1 contender will probably remain in waiting.

Jared Cannonier is Willing To Become a Part Of UFC 253 On Short Notice

In an Interview with MMA Fighting, The Killa Gorilla, expressed his desire to become the title contender. Cannonier, 36, hasn’t set foot in the ring for almost a year, but now wants to take his middleweight voyage further. He is on a three-match unbeaten streak, and looks all focused for the forthcoming marquee events UFC 253 and UFC 254.

“I got my contender’s fight, if it wasn’t the contender’s fight, it would have been the title fight. At this point in time, it still potentially could be. If anything happens with those guys (Adesanya and Costa). I am more than willing and ready, that’s my plan. That’s the plan I have ahead of me. I am getting ready for the date, Sept. 26. That’s the date I’m getting ready for. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll be more than ready for Oct. 24.

Though he already has a fight scheduled for the ultimate No.1 contender prize, yet, he also indirectly conveyed, that he’ll be ready to fill in the shoes of either Costa or Adesanya, in case something unfortunate happens before the D-day. “Given the times with Covid-19, we’ve seen fights change, main events change, what 60 percent was it last year from the original booking. I’m ready. I’ve been ready since my pec tore. Now it’s time. 

“That’s where I stand right now. I’m more than ready. That’s not going to be a hard weight cut. It’s not going to be a last minute thing for me. I’m going to be ready for that date. That’s just it.”

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