“I sometimes get a few tips”- Mick Schumacher praises Sebastian Vettel for helping him ahead of his big move in Formula 1.

Mick Schumacher is one of the talented FDA drivers who is set to make a move in Formula 1 by next season. Currently, competing for the F2 Championship, he is being heavily monitored, as his father’s legacy is upon his shoulders.

Though, things are certainly not rough on the successor of one of the greatest drivers in the history of Formula as many great drivers are apparently helping him out with advices.

One of them is Sebastian Vettel, who according to Schumacher as told in an interview with the RTL Germany has been helping him by giving him tips ahead of his well touted move to Formula 1.

Vettel is a very relaxed guy from whom I sometimes get a few tips,” Schumacher says, saying that he is happy that Vettel will remain active in Formula 1.

Mick Schumacher on his move to F1

Obviously, the prince of Formula 1 is eager to get his hands on to Formula 1 car, but he is patient with his chances and performing well in the F2 championship, where he is one of the contenders to win the title.

“I just want to keep doing my thing, but of course it means something if you are a Formula 2 world champion. It draws attention to you, but there is no such thing as having a seat at the same time,” he said.

Sebastian Vettel’s admiration

Before the start of the Tuscan Grand Prix, Schumacher was supposed to drive a lap in his father’s Ferrari 2004, whilst the 23-year-old was gearing up, Vettel was spotted in the background expressing his admiration for the car.

He told that as a youngster he always wanted to buy that cat, but never had the money to do so.


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