Fall Guys Patch Notes: The latest update from the developers of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been released. 

The latest update of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout titled Big Yeetus & Anti-Cheatus is about 836 MB and a whole lot of mischief. Check out the tweet released by the developers of the game below. The update includes a giant hammer called “Big Yeetus” that will randomly cause trouble to the players.

Also, the update includes the anti-cheating system which has been in the news recently as a lot of players have been reporting high instances of cheating. Fall Guys developers are now deploying the same anti-cheating system used by Riot Games’ Fortnite.

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Fall Guys Update 1.07 Patch Notes

  • Our new anti-cheating system for PC is now in
  • Added ability to bind game actions to mouse buttons.
  • Improved stability when creating parties on PS4
  • Objects in certain rounds will now have dynamic variations from one playthrough to the next, including new objects entirely. We plan to expand this system in the future to more rounds
  • Improved stability when progressing from one round to another, there should be less disconnections in the qualification screen and round loading now
  • Bug fixes in levels, spectator mode and improved resilience when network errors occur.
  • Fall Ball timer down to 120 seconds from 150
  • Lowered Min Player Counts for some levels to increase round variety

So, to address the issue of hacking which has plagued the Fall Guys circle, developers have also made some dynamic modifications to a lot of the obstacles in the game. Certain objects in rounds will have more dynamic variations which be difficult even for veteran players. The developers have a lot of plans in store for this apparently, as they plan to add more features to this.

Also, there will now be a smoother transition between rounds as they have improved stability which also reduces disconnections. PS4 parties will be more stable with this update as well. Bug fixes in levels, spectator mode and improved resilience when network errors occur has also been included in the patch.

There have also been no reports of cheating instances since the update dropped. If this pattern continues, then the next season of Fall Guys which is slated for an October release is definitely going to reel players into the game. With the medieval theme, castles & dragons, Season 2 of Fall Guys will surely be as successful as Season 1.

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