Capture the Mortar, Clash Royale’s newest game mode is here! Find out how you can master the mode and use the best season 15 decks today!

With every season for the last few seasons, Clash Royale has been releasing new game modes. First, we had the raged Giant mode. That was great fun! Then the grave guards and fire spirit modes too. However, the latest new addition to Season 15 is Capture the Mortar.

What is Capture the Mortar?

It is a pretty simple game mode but great fun. A new mortar spawns in the middle of the river every few seconds. The first to destroy it gets to use the mortar vs their enemy. In many ways, this mode is like the elixir storage mode. However, instead of elixir, you get a building.

Basic Tips to master the mode.

Keep in mind that the best way for you to win in this mode will be to destroy the mortar asap. That’s because once a player owns it, it does not target troops, only towers. So, it is impossible for you to distract the mortar. And, if it stays up long enough, you’re a done deal.

The mortar will not attack unless one of you owns it. There be sure to bring very high DPS troops with you. The Inferno Tower & Dragon are by far the best option to capture the mortar quickly. Even if you fall behind to a skarmy or mini Pekka early, they will catch up and get you the mortar. But, be careful of the zap spell! If your enemy has it, they can reset your offence. After that, it gets much harder. So, it is better if you bring some back-up along. A mini Pekka or a Prince will be great for this purpose. You can also take a swarm troop as zap bait. This way, your enemy will be forced to use the zap on your bait. As a result, your Inferno will be good to go!

Best Decks for Capture the Mortar.

There are many good decks for this game mode. However, we’ve picked the best for you. Here are 3 of best Capture the Mortar decks this season:

  1. The Slash and Swarm: Bowler, Mini Pekka, Earthquake, Arrows, Skarmy, Hunter, Skeleton Dragons, Inferno Tower. How to use the deck? Check out the video here.
  2. Pekka Witch beatdown: Pekka, Inferno Tower, Witch, Log, Hog, Dart Goblin, Goblin Gang, Bats. To know more about this deck, watch this video.
  3. The Mega Shock deck: Zap, Electro Dragon, Mega Knight, Sparky, Arrows, Tornado, Skarmy. For details on this deck, visit here.

Capture the Mortar is a fun new challenge. We hope these decks help you master the mode. Best of luck! Keep Clashing!

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