Asuka vs Mickie James ends with bizarre finish. The WWE RAW Women’s Championship ended in a controversial and confusing manner.

Asuka and Mickey James took on each other for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship on tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW. The two put on a more than decent match. Unfortunately, this match will be remembered for the bizarre manner in which it finished.

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Asuka and James, who have only fought once before in NXT, were facing each other for the first time on the main roster. The two had a decent back and forth both stars matching each other move for move. However, just as the match seemed to be picking steam the referee suddenly called the match off, much to everyone, including Mickey James’, surprise.

Asuka vs Mickie James ends with bizarre finish

Near the end of the match, Asuka caught James and rolled her into an armbar. James fought back and managed to roll her into a 2-count. Asuka transitioned into the Asuka lock once again with James trying her best to resist.

Just when it seemed that James had turned the lock into a pin, the Referee called the match. James looked absolutely surprised by the call. Even Referee Darrick Moore took a minute to get around to announcing the finish.

After the match, it was announced that the match was called off on referee stoppage because Mickie James could no longer continue to fight.

This has become a trend of sorts in Asuka’s title matches since she was crowned the champion by Becky Lynch. She has very rarely won clean and always seems to have an overbooked finish no matter who her opponent is.

If the WWE want Asuka want to step up as the top women on the Red Brand, they are going to have to book her as such, otherwise it won’t be long before the casual fans stop buying into the mystique of the empress of tomorrow.

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