Allen Robinson does not seem happy with the Chicago Bears after their debut in Week 1. They managed a shocking win over the Detroit Lions, with Mitchell Trubisky logging three fourth-quarter touchdowns. But none of those touchdowns went to Robinson, who finished the day with five catches and 74 yards.

Even with a decent start to the season for both Robinson and the Bears, the receiver might be unhappy. He removed all Bears-related content from his Instagram account. That, my friends, is not a good sign of how he feels about the organization. Perhaps Robinson is upset about his contract. He wrote on Twitter that “tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me,” and his teammate Cordarrelle Patterson responded “extend extend extend @ChicagoBears.”

It could be that Robinson is angling for a contract extension.

With Robinson showing some discontent with the Bears, NFL Twitter went wild, with fans and media members speculating that Robinson could be on the move in a trade. And of course, people suggested the New England Patriots (1-0), who need help at receiver.

Could Robinson be the next Stefon Diggs?


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