WWE Spoiler: SmackDown Mystery Woman’s identity revealed. The WWE have been airing vignettes for a mystery woman for the past two weeks.

A new woman is set to join the SmackDown roster. The WWE have been promoting her debut with teaser videos on SmackDown. So far, the only information we have on the woman is that she has blonde hair. That however, hasn’t stopped fans on social media from uncovering the identity of this mystery woman.

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There have been several speculations on who this woman could be. Some had suggested earlier that it could be Chelsea Green or Summer Rae. Many feared it may have been a returning Eva Marie. However, it turns out, it’s neither of them. It’s not even a debut per se but a return of sorts.

WWE SmackDown Mystery Woman’s identity revealed

Fans on Twitter have pointed that the mystery woman is very likely Carmella. The princess of Staten Island has a dove tattoo on her left arm, similar to the one that the mystery woman has.


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