Watch Dogs LEGION is one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Legion will be released on 29th October 2020. 

From the information that we have gathered, fans may be in for a surprise regarding the storyline aspect of the game.

Watch Dogs LEGION Gameplay Features: Here’s what we know so far:

  • The game is set in post-Brexit London, England. The singleplayer story mode of the game is composed of ‘5 main storylines’ or over 60 missions.
  • Aiden Pearce will be added to the game’s season pass after launch.
  • A new villain, the private security company Albion, is in control of the city. However, Blume is reportedly still behind the scenes.
  • Legion’s biggest selling point so far is that players will have the ability to control any NPC in the game. This option would be available once you have recruited the NPC on to your side by persuading them that DedSec’s cause is worth them dying for it.
  • There will be three classes for the DedSec agents: Enforcers, Infiltrators and Hackers.
  • Enforcer: They will be the combat class in the game.
  • Infiltrators: This class will be more effective for spying purposes and other stealth related matters.
  • Hackers: They will be in charge of hacking or infiltration of online systems, as their name suggests.
  • If one of your DedSec operatives dies, they will be dead forever and cannot be respawned in the game. This could complicate elements such as upgrading the characters abilities and so on. Hence, players must be careful of fear of losing hours of game time into an operative.
  • The multiplayer option will be available in Legion.
  • There will be non-lethal weapons included in Legion as well, however, some story requirements might include ending a life in which case stunning the target will effectively kill them.

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