R Truth reveals Brock Lesnar wants to work with him. The two were involved in a hilarious segment in the build up to this year’s Royal Rumble.

R Truth was part of one of the funniest segments this year. Paul Heyman had just declared Brock Lesnar’s participation in the Royal Rumble from the number one spot. Out came Truth. He also declared his entry in the match and promised to eliminate Heyman. The advocate then revealed that it wasn’t him but his client Lesnar who was participating. Truth then undeclared himself leaving the Beast Incarnate in splits throughout the segment.

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Truth, who is one of the, if not the funniest WWE Superstar, recently revealed that the segment was unscripted and was part of a bet to make Brock Lesnar laugh.

“I remember Heyman called me to the gorilla like 20 minutes before we were supposed to go out,” Truth told TalkSport. “I had no promo; they gave me nothing. I’m like ‘what’s the promo? What am I supposed to say?’ And Paul is like ‘Well, we have a bet going on. We don’t want Brock to know what you’re about to say. We want you to make Brock laugh.’

R Truth reveals Brock Lesnar wants to work with him

Truth remembered seeing Brock stare at him because he was babbling and that’s when he knew he had him.

“I remember the moment we’re in the ring and I’m going on and on, making stuff up in my head and going on and on, and I saw when Brock looked at me with that look of ‘what the hell is he talking about?’ because I’m just babbling,” Truth continued. “I knew right then I had him. I did all I could to hold myself from laughing when I saw Brock bust out laughing because of Paul Heyman’s facial expression.

The magic just went on man, it kept going on. And after that segment was over, we’re in the back and Brock was still laughing.

He said ‘Bro, we got to do something together. There’s something there. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something there.’

And we left it there. I know that’s something we can always go back and pick up. But that is one of the highest moments in my career right there.

While the two are yet to work since, Truth considers Brock’s appreciation as a hug to his confidence.

“To have Brock Lesnar say he wants to work with me, it was very appreciative to my soul, to my ego, to my career, to the time I’ve spent in the business, to everything I’ve done… Brock pretty much gave it a hug.

Imagine Brock giving your confidence a hug, man”

Lesnar has not made a WWE appearance since Wrestlemania. He also does not have an active deal with the promotion at the moment. However, he is expected to return in the future. Maybe then the two veterans can work a program together, who knows?

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