Tony Ferguson makes an appeal in front of Dana White to pay “The Diamond” the Price He Wants, and let the fans witness an enthralling contest.

After the news broke-out that the much touted Lightweight Bout between Tony Ferguson and Dustin Poirier could not go beyond the stage of discussions, the fans were left dejected, and a series of requests started to emerge in front of UFC to negotiate and give Dustin Poirier the money he wants. President Dana White has declared, the fight is off, and they are are not making any efforts to salvage it, in fact they are looking for a new opponent for Tony Ferguson for UFC 254. However, there is still hope in the air that things will fall into place eventually, and enthusiasts will get to witness a bout between two of the top guys in the MMA circuit today.

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Tony Ferguson Makes an Appeal in Front of Dana White

While Presumably the whole MMA community may want the fight to take place, in support, it is Tony Ferguson himself who has heard the mass. On Tuesday, September 14, El Cucuy took to Twitter and made an appeal to the boss, to give fans what they want, and make the fight happen. “Here’s Lookin’ At You Kid” Pay the man @danawhite @ufc Love ya’ll but let’s give the Hardcore & Casual fans what they deserve, a good fight Sir.”

The fans are pushing for the bout to take place, Tony Ferguson is evidently with them, now it’s up to Dana White to hear the call, and act upon it.

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