Marlon Mack suffered a torn Achilles in the Colts’ loss to the Jaguars this Sunday. What will happen to the Colts going forward?

Colts’ fans have something else to worry about other than the 27-20 loss from Jacksonville. Marlon Mack, running back for Indianapolis, came out with a torn Achilles injury in the second quarter. Some are now wondering what will happen to the Colts’ backfield.

What does this mean for Marlon Mack?

Mack was coming into his third year of his rookie contract with him earning around $735,000 this year. However, with this injury suddenly popping up, it goes to show how unlucky the running back is. Coming off his first 1000- yard season, this injury is bound to make Colts fans frustrated.

While he did eclipse 3,500 yards in his collegiate years, Mack hasn’t even played that many games in his NFL career. Although he shows a lot of potential, injury riddled seasons has limited him from playing his best. This season- ending injury is just another statistic to add to the pile.

Against the Jags, Mack was averaging 6.5 yards per carry with 26 rushing yards and 4 carries. He also had 3 receptions and 30 receiving yards. However, the RB1 had to be carted off the field after his non- contact injury.

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Who’s his replacement?

The workload now will be placed on rookie running back Jonathan Taylor, who came out of the University of Wisconsin- Madison. He was the number 6 all time rusher in the NCAA and the first player in history to rush for more than 6,000 yards in any three-year span. He was drafted to the Colts in the second round.

Taylor debuted this Sunday replacing Mack and had 89 yards. He would lead the team with 22 yards with 2.4 yards per carry including a long run of nine yards, and catching all six targets for 67 yards.

Nyhiem Hines also dominated the backfield, finishing seven carries for 28 yards and a touchdown as well. He also caught all eight targets thrown his way for 45 yards.

Both players are good options but some people wanted to see Mack shine this year.

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