Candace Owens takes shots at LeBron James for saying he struggles everyday due to the imminent threat of racism.

Tensions have been high in the United States for the past couple of months. The unjust killings of several black people throughout the country sparked a multitude of protests to hopefully bring a halt to systemic racism that runs rampant in the US.

At the forefront of all the protests was the NBA. The NBA prides itself in being one of the most ‘woke’ sports leagues in the world, constantly bringing light to issues that torment the American people.

Players such as Chris Paul, who is the President of the NBPA, and veterans like Udonis Haslem have voiced their distaste for what is transpiring within their nation.

However, none have been more outspoken about these ordeals than LeBron James.

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‘LeBron James has an all white staff, lives in a $100 million mansion’- Candace Owens

LeBron James has taken to social media countless times to denounce the actions of the US police and has also brought light to racially charged instances in several media availability sessions while in the Bubble.

James has also gone as far as to say that he too has a tough life, being a black man in America.

This is where activist Candace Owens decides to step in and demand James to show her what struggles he really goes through.

Owens called out LeBron James for his lavish lifestyle saying, “He lives in a $100 million mansion in Bel Air,” and, “He’s got a white gardener, a white chef and various white people who work for him.”

“I always say, if you’re suffering through racism, please give me some of that,” Owens added.

Candace Owens called out LeBron on Twitter again, saying he is at fault for the shooting of 2 deputy officers by the hands of an armed civilian.

Reactions to these claims by Candace Owens have been mixed

These statements by Owens have caused a rift.

Some say Owens is right and that “multi-millionaire black men will never know the struggles of being an ordinary black man walking down street.”

Others say this is “systemic ignorance” on Candace Owens part.


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