First Take’s Stephen A. Smith heavily criticized Browns QB Baker Mayfield after his lackluster performance against Baltimore.

The Browns yet again lost their season opener yesterday, extending their streak for opening day losses. Of course, social media was quick to react to the loss, but so was Stephen A. Smith.

Particularly, he had quite a lot to say about 3rd year QB Baker Mayfield and his lack of improvement.

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Stephen A’s Comments

After watching a short clip of Mayfield’s post-game interview, Stephen A said that is is entirely fair to criticize him for his performance. Mayfield went 21-39 for 189, 1 TD, and one interception.

According to Smith, these are “god awful numbers” and Mayfield’s play against the Ravens was “absolutely disgusting”. Furthermore, Stephen A. made the point that Baker’s performance was unacceptable for someone who has hyped himself up so much in the the past.

He compared Mayfield to Lamar Jackson saying that one was the 1st overall pick and one was the 32nd, and yet the latter dominated the game on Sunday.

Smith also ripped apart the former Oklahoma QB for his mixed priorities, bringing back the iconic line, “He has more commercials than wins!” Max Kellerman, Smith’s co-host, joked that Mayfield might have more commercials than passer rating points on Sunday.

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Browns Fall 38-6 to the Ravens

Although Mayfield had a poor game, it was an all round weak performance from the Browns. They just couldn’t get things going on either side of the ball.

Only 189 yards passing on the game, and the defense wasn’t much better. They allowed 38 points and failed to register a single interception and picked up just 2 sacks all afternoon.

To be fair to the Browns, they did go up against one of the best offenses and overall teams in the NFL. Also, it was Kevin Stefanski’s first game as an NFL head coach after he left the Vikings OC role.

Watch: Mayfield’s Post-Game Interview


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