Tom Brady was bad in week 1. There’s no sugarcoating it, Brady just did not play well. Is this a sign of concern for Tampa Bay? Do the Bucs need to take drastic measures with Brady?

New Orleans thoroughly dominated the Buccaneers on Sunday, winning 34-23. Brady was off his game and the offense looked largely out of sync.

Should Tom Brady get benched?

The easy and correct answer to this question is no. Firstly, it’s only week one of a 16 week regular season. Secondly, Brady is playing for a different team with a brand new offensive-scheme after 20 years. It’s going to take time. Let’s take a look at his first interception against the Saints.

It clearly looks like there’s some miscommunication here between Mike Evans and Brady. Evans starts his route and appears to be running a seam down the middle. However, mid-way through he abruptly stops, causing Brady to launch the ball directly to Marcus Williams. That’s not a mistake Brady makes.

This Tampa Bay offense is going to take time to get in form. The lack of a pre-season looms large and its consequences showed on Sunday. Brady’s second interception, however, is a completely different story.

Brady read the defense wrong and threw and errant pass that Janoris Jenkins was easily able to return for a touchdown. Bruce Arians didn’t hold back on Brady either on this play.

That doesn’t make this game any more concerning, however. Those are things Brady will pick up on as the season progresses. It was week 1, and the Bucs were playing the most consistent team in football over the last three years. The Saints were expected to win this.

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What’s next for Tom Brady’s Bucs and the Saints?

The Buccaneers will play their home-opener next week against another NFC South foe in the Panthers. The Panthers offense shined against the Raiders, but their defense gave up 34 points to the Las Vegas Raiders, losing the game. Look for Brady to get back on track this week with a weak defensive match-up.

Meanwhile, the Saints will look to keep rolling as they take on the Las Vegas Raiders. This will be an interesting game for them as the Raiders played well on Sunday, but they’re largely inexperienced compared to the Saints. The Saints offense is electric and it’d be foolish to think the Raiders could slow them down.

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