Conor McGregor on Monday posted some worrying tweets, and in process alarmed everyone about his state.

Conor McGregor, who has maintained a low profile since announcing his UFC retirement in June, could not evade from getting into trouble, as allegations of a sexual misconduct have been labelled with him. The 32-year-old was on a vacation in France, when the police came knocking at his door and arrested him for allegedly flashing private parts in front of a married woman, on September 6, in a Corsica (French Island) bar. Now it is up to the authorities to examine how genuine the allegations are, whether they are or not. But in the meanwhile, the Irishman is seemingly distraught, and made his current state visible on Twitter.

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Conor McGregor Posted Alarming Tweets

The Notorious one, though is famous for his outward attitude and boldness, however this time he exhibited his despair through a couple of comments. He first gave alarming signs to his fans when he wrote, “I can’t go on like this man. I am crushed here.” According to reports, this tweet came in response to a User’s comment on a BBC Sport article, in which by mistake McGregor was referred as English. A user, who apparently was of the Irish descent wrote, “They can have him; the BBC is correct @TheNotoriousMMA (Conor McGregor) is English.”

Following this, another comment propelled the Mystic Man to again use the Micro-blogging website to gave an impression of what he’s been going through. He wrote, “Suicide intervention yet ridiculing me in this manner online, at this horrendous time in my life. I am trying to stay strong for my kids and the people that rely on me and that love and support me. Thanks for the insults, hypocrite.”

It is not clear, on what comment he threw the second reply, since he has deleted the Tweets. But according to some  social media bloggers, it was this statement (Picture Below) by a user that made Conor McGregor react.

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