COD cheats: Since last month, CoD developers Activision have started to take the in-game cheating dead serious. Read more to find out the latest details from Activision’s law suit against GatorCheats.

Recently, the rise in cheating and hacking have left CoD Players highly annoyed & irritated. Last month, Activision announced that it is going to take legal action against cheat manufacturers.

GatorCheats is one of the prominent cheat manufacturers which boasts of 3,000 active users & has run for 11 months undetected. However, GatorCheats revealed in public that Activision is seeking to take legal action against them. GatorCheats also stated that Activision approached them in May 2020 with a cease and desist letter.

This approach take by Activision is pivotal and might also be super effective. The new game of the CoD franchise will also be released soon and it is also said to have cross play. Despite Infinity Ward trying their best to properly identify cheaters, players continue to report increasing instances of cheating within the game. Cheating has been reported both in CoD Modern Warfare as well as Warzone.

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Now, Activision seems to be taking a different course to tackle this constant problem. Only time will tell if this approach to tackle cheating will be effective. If this seems to be successful, they can use the same strategy to eliminate cheaters in their upcoming game CoD: Black Ops Cold War.


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