Skip Bayless says he will not be shocked if the Denver Nuggets eliminate the Los Angeles Clippers and also pin points that Clippers can beat the Lakers. 

The Los Angeles Clippers were up 3-1 on the Denver Nuggets in the WCSF but due to 2 consecutive ice cold 2nd halves on the Clippers’s part, the Nuggets have been able to claw their way back into this series. The Clippers now have the task of eliminating the Nuggets in a Game 7.

The Denver Nuggets outscored the Los Angeles Clippers 64-35 in the second half of Game 6 and this abysmal 2nd half performance is what prompted Skip Bayless to hop onto the Nuggets bandwagon.

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Skip Bayless will be “shocked” if the Clippers win Game 7

Skip Bayless is known to be a firm believer in Kawhi Leonard and repeatedly says he would rather have Kawhi on his team instead of LeBron James.

However, with the Clippers losing 2 games in a row, Bayless decides to jump ship and proclaim that the ‘Nuggets have the Clippers number.’

Skip Bayless also sings Nikola Jokic’s praise, saying he is unstoppable and is just toying around with the Clippers defense. Jokic was quoted as saying that he believes all the pressure is on the Clippers for Game 7.

Bayless ends his take with the usual Lakers slander, saying, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Clippers beat the Lakers. The Clippers are built to beat the Lakers.”

Does Skip Bayless have a point with his claims?

The Denver Nuggets have outplayed the Clippers in every way possible in the 2nd half of 2 consecutive games. It wouldn’t be outlandish to assume they couldn’t do it a 3rd time.

Especially with all of the pressure being put on the Clippers to live up to the Herculean expectations that were bestowed upon them, Skip may have a point.

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The Los Angeles Clippers are a team that’s built to win a championship. With a 2x Finals MVP leading the way for the Clips, it would definitely be a massive disappointment if they didn’t make it put of the second round.


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