The Clippers are 0-2 this series where they could close out and advance to the Western Conference Finals for the first time.

The Clippers were up 3-1 going into Game 5. They managed to secure a 16 point lead, which made us think the series might be over, but Nuggets had different plans. They overcame the deficit and won Game 5. The Game 6 story was the same. The Clippers had a 19 point lead, which they blew in the 3rd quarter and the Nuggets took over in the 4th quarter and beat the Clippers 111-98.

This streak has been going on for the Clippers for quite some time. It started in the 2013-14 2nd round matchup against the Thunder, where they were up 2-2, and then lost 2 straight and got knocked out. Then the very next year, the Clippers went up 3-1 against the Rockets and ended up blowing the lead to lose 4-3.

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Clippers 0-7 in games they could make the WCF

The Clippers have not had the best of luck in the past few years. They assumed this year would be different and the 50-year franchise drought of never making past the 2nd round would end. The deadly duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, along with the wonderful role players would do well, and they did the same, except the last two games.

However, a shocking stat line shows that in 7 games that they have had the chance of making the WCF, they have failed to do so. Thus, in their 8th attempt, it is not going to be as easy as people expect it to be.

Game 7, what can be expected?

The Clippers take on the Nuggets for the final Game 7 of the series and secure a spot in the WCF on Tuesday at 9PM ET. The Clippers say they would look at their game footage and see what went wrong. They aim to work on making it right for the final game of the series.

The Nuggets and Jokic said they don’t want the Clippers to take a lead like they have been taking the past few games. Nuggets are in their 4th straight Game 7 series, and they say they feel good about it.


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